Acoustics & Vibration Team

Our mission is to collaborate with the design team to find practical solutions to acoustics, dynamics, noise, and vibration challenges. Our proactive and innovative approach consistently lays the foundation for cost-effective designs to meet our clients’ goals.

KJWW offers the services of its Acoustics & Vibration Team as independent acoustics consultants to your project or as a complementary part of a fully integrated line of engineering services comprising...


· Acoustics & Vibration

· Architectural Lighting

· Construction Administration

· Electrical

· Mechanical

· Medical Equipment Planning

· Structural

· Sustainability/LEED

· Systems Commissioning

· Technology

By offering in-house acoustics consulting, KJWW is able to provide the highest level of integration in the engineering industry.  Our integrated approach results in daily interaction across disciplines and improved communication among design team members.  This improved communication leads to a faster exchange of ideas, leading to improved designs in less time.  The net result: engineering system designs incorporating good acoustics and noise control in less time, which ultimately saves our clients cost. 


We look forward to working with you.